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Van Morisson – Under Review 1964-1974 [DVD]

Band: Van Morisson Title: Under Review 1964-1974 Genre: Documentary Release: 03/08 Distributor: MVD Visual This documentary covers the musical career of one of the most influential singer/songwriters of the 1960’s and 70’s, Van Morrison. It starts with his involvement with the band Them and then his solo career. It’s pretty much by the books documentary, […]

UNSIGNED SPOTLIGHT – Sons of Thunder – Fear Can’t Hold us Back

Band: Sons of Thunder Album: Fear Can’t Hold Us Back Genre: Hardcore/Metal Tracks: 1. And They Said The Roman Empire Couldn’t Fall 2. This Is a Blood Battle 3. No Beast, Just a Harlot 4. The Sky is Falling Myspace has become a gathering ground for kids with too much free time on their hands […]

I Am The Heat – The Future Doesn’t Need Us [OUT 7/15]

Band: I Am The Heat Album: The Future Doesn’t Need Us Genre: Indie/Rock Label: High Five Tracks: 1. Dream Machine 2. Your Monsters 3. What Would Lou Reed Do 4. Silver Skies 5. Tonight (And I’ll Save You) Brooklyn’s I Am The Heat are set to release their second EP, The Future Doesn’t Need Us, […]

Defiance, Ohio – The Fear, The Fear, The Fear

Band: Defiance, Ohio Album: The Fear, The Fear, The Fear Genre: Folk Punk Label: No Idea Tracks: 1. Can’t stop, Won’t Stop 2. The List 3. The Things We Won’t Let Settle, But Let Set 4. The Condition 5. Eureka! 6. Now, Now, Now 7. Anxious and Worrying 8. The Years, The Fears, The Sleep […]

G.G. Elvis & the T.C.P. Band – Back From The Dead

Band: G.G. Elvis & the T.C.P. Band Album: Back From The Dead Genre: Punk Rock Label: Mental Tracks: 1. Intro/That’s All Right Mama 2. Viva Las Vegas 3. In The Ghetto 4. Don’t Cry Daddy 5. Suspicious Minds 6. Burning Love 7. She’s A Ghost 8. Blue Suede Shoes 9. A Little Less Conversation 10. […]

1997 – On The Run

Band: 1997 Album: On The Run Genre: Indie Pop/Folk Label: Victory Tracks: 1. One Track Mind, Four Track Heart 2. Dancing With The Devil 3. Sunset Beyond Black Clouds 4. 4 a.m. Conversations 5. January 19th 6. I Will Always Find You 7. Winds of Change 8. Zechariah’s Song 9. A Dream of Form In […]

National Product – Luna

Band: National Product Album: Luna Genre: Rock/Pop Rock Label: R&M Tracks: 1. By All Means 2. Collision 3. Medicated 4. Love Me 5. Sad Excuse 6. Valentine 7. Paper and Ink 8. Where Do You Go 9. Quay 10. November Night 11. Sean Song 12. Explode There has been a huge swell in the number […]

Neurosonic – Drama Queen

Band: Neurosonic Album: Drama Queen Genre: Rock/Synth Rock Label: Bodog Music Tracks: 1. So Many People 2. Are Solar 3. I Will Always Be Your Fool 4. Me Myself and I 5. Crazy Sheila 6. Until I Die 7. Fearless 8. Boneheads 9. Frankenstein 10. So Now You Know 11. For The Boy They say […]