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The White Tie Affair – Walk This Way

Band: The White Tie Affair Album: Walk This Way Genre: Pop Rock/Dance Rock Label: Epic Tracks: 1. Allow Me To Introduce Myself…Mr. Right 2. The Letdown 3. Candle 4. Scene Change 5. Watching You 6. The Enemy 7. Take it Home 8. Price of Company 9. If I Fall 10. The Way Down Imagine that […]

Kevin Devine – Another Bag Of Bones 7"

Band: Kevin Devine Album: Another Bag of Bones 7″ Genre: Folk/Indie Label: Academy Fight Song Tracks: 1. Another Bag of Bones 2. Love Me, I’m A Liberal Kevin Devine is a modern day Bob Dylan. Yea, that’s how I’m going to start this review. From the moment I was introduced to this talented young songwriter […]

An Interview with Skeletonwitch

Our good friend Alex at All About The Music [click the metal news link on the side] recently did an interview with SKELETONWITCH. We thought we’d introduce you to Alex and his site by letting you into the world of Skeletonwitch. Be sure to support the band and Alex [I’m sure he’ll be showing his […]