Kevin Devine – Another Bag Of Bones 7"

Band: Kevin Devine
Album: Another Bag of Bones 7″
Genre: Folk/Indie
Label: Academy Fight Song

1. Another Bag of Bones
2. Love Me, I’m A Liberal

Kevin Devine is a modern day Bob Dylan. Yea, that’s how I’m going to start this review. From the moment I was introduced to this talented young songwriter I couldn’t help, but be a fan. Kevin is one of those musicians whose been flying below the radar with a very steady fan base for multiple years. Most people probably found him from his work with Brand New, but his music stands on his own. Another Bag of Bones is a digital 7″ [whatever that means] and serves as the perfect sampler for those unfamiliar with him and will ease the desire for new material from old fans. This is a set of very openly political songs, but unlike all those trying to make a dollar on the political scene this year, Kevin seems to be releasing this just to share some ideas and thoughts. Dare I say. this may be the most important 7″ of the year.

“Another Bag of Bones,” begins as subtle as any mainly acoustic songwriter can; with very simple muted strumming. Devine’s voice is crisp and confident, but with a light vibrato that just goes to accentuate that these are his feelings. The lyrics seem to be constant metaphors for life, then for the current war. Devine deosn’t press much into the religion issue to deeply, but does have lines about how each “boy” in the fight he paints believes he’s serving a holy purpose or is guided by some holy spirit. It’s ace songwriting and the swells of electric instruments or very subtle key work just make this song perfection. Even from a production stand point [this goes for the second track as well], everything sounds beautiful.

The second track, “Love Me, I”m a Liberal,” is a rewritten [by permission] song from Peter Ochs. The guitar work is a lot more evolved here, but I can’t say this one hit me quite as well. Devine has always had this “I look on the brighter side” sound in his voice and all this seems laced in satire, so it works quite well. The portrait painted in this song is one of hypocrisy and the it’s solid, but don’t expect it to be a hit after this political race. However, for the time being, this track is pretty well done. I’m sure, leading up to November, you may hear a rustling about a satire laced political folk song and this will be it.

If you don’t know of Kevin Devine or his music – find him and it right now. I opened with a bold statement, but if you listen to this or anything else Devine has done, you’ll see I’m right. This is the kind of music that lives on and inspires people to pick up guitars and stand on street corners with pamphlets promoting their ideals. I could ramble for hours, but know this: Kevin Devine is the best musician you’re probably not listening to. Buy this and the rest of his catalog as soon as you can.

*Written By: James Shotwell*
GRADE: 9/10

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