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Our Friends Write Such Lovely Things

Our good friend Chris Hansen [not the Dateline NBC guy] owns No Sleep Records, home of La Dispute, The Wonder Years, and more. He just posted a very informative and funny blog regarding WHAT BANDS NEED TO KNOW WHEN PREPARING AND SENDING A PRESS KIT. Here is a little chunk of the piece: There are […]

Save Music Videos! -The Gaslight Anthem

Best band you might not know. Enough said. Buy the album, see them on tour. *Written By: James Shotwell*  

Two Tongues – Two Tongues

  Band: Two Tongues Album: Two Tongues Genre: Rock Label: Vagrant Track Listing: 1. Crawl 2. If I Could Make You Do Things 3. Dead Lizard 4. Interlude 5. Tremors 6. Silly Groove 7. Don’t You Want To Come Home 8. Wowee Zowee 9. Come On 10. Alice 11. Try Not To Save Me 12. […]

The Fray – The Fray

  Band: The Fray Album: The Fray Genre: Pop Rock Label: Epic Track Listing: 1. Syndicate 2. Absolute 3. You Found Me 4. Say When 5. Never Say Never 6. Where The Story Ends 7. Enough For Now 8. Ungodly Hour 9. We Build Then We Break 10. Happiness If there’s such a thing as […]