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Our good friend Chris Hansen [not the Dateline NBC guy] owns No Sleep Records, home of La Dispute, The Wonder Years, and more. He just posted a very informative and funny blog regarding WHAT BANDS NEED TO KNOW WHEN PREPARING AND SENDING A PRESS KIT. Here is a little chunk of the piece:
There are so many bands out there trying to get signed (mostly bad bands, although there are a few good in the mix), so if you really want to present yourself in a good light and not have your press kit tossed into the circular file, then heed these words. Avoid immediate denial and remember these two points.

#1: Don’t look like a bunch of chumps. Pretty self-explanatory.

#2: Don’t have a horrible band name. 

To Read the rest of the story – 


*Written By: James Shotwell*

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