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Save Music Videos: Silversun Pickups

New album coming soon. Be prepared. *Posted By: James Shotwell*

[UTG] RAW: Janeane Garofalo

There is no necessary introduction for this tremendously talented actress and comedian. [UTG] Paul met up with this comedy great at SxSW and we thought we’d try something new on the site: An interview with someone in the industry, but not a musician per say. She’s a performer and isn’t that what [UTG] is about? […]

FM Static – Dear Diary

Artist: FM Static Album: Dear Diary Genre: Pop Rock Label: Tooth and Nail Tracks: 1. A Boy Moves To a New Town With An Optimistic Outlook 2. The Unavoidable Battle of Feeling On The Outside 3. Boy Meets Girl 4. Sometimes You Can’t Forget Who You Are 5. Man Whatcha’ Doin 6. The Voyage of […]

[UTG] RAW: Jon LaJoie

Any college kid or fan of absurd comedy with an internet connection has probably heard of Jon Lajoie. Between “Everyday Normal Guy” and “Show Me Your Genitals” videos, millions of people have watched Jon perform. [UTG] Paul had a chance run in with this very talented man at SxSW 2009 and the results are below. […]

Mark Rose – The Greatest Lakes

Artist: Mark Rose Album: The Greatest Lakes Genre: Folk/Jazz/Acoustic/Indie Label: Unsigned Tracks: 1. You Come Along 2. How Strong We Are 3. Go On 4. I Need You 5. The Greatest Lakes 6. I Can See You [With My Eyes Closed] 7. Crossing The Line [Acoustic Session] Oh how I miss Spitalfield. I know that’s […]