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First Impressions: The Dear Hunter – Act III: Life and Death

First Impressions is a segment where we let you into our early thoughts on a highly anticipated album, This week, we have our early views on The Dear Hunter’s Act III: Life and Death. It drops June 23rd on Triple Crown Records. “It’s about time!” is probably the thoughts on any fan of The Dear Hunter […]

REVIEW BATTLE: Eminem – Relapse

Review Battles are when two or more of our writers review the same record. This way you get more viewpoints on the same material. Feel free to comment and say who you agree with. Artist: Eminem Album: Relapse Genre: Hip Hop/Rap Label: Shady/Aftermath Round 1: James Shotwell – Editor It’s been far too long since […]

NeverShoutNever – The Summer EP

Artist: NeverShoutNever Album: The Summer EP Genre: Acoustic/Pop Label: None Christofer Drew has returned [finally] with a full band EP that’s sure to make girls squeal and guys moan. By moan, I’m not talking excitedly, but that dull roar of “this girl is going to make me listen to this forever” kind of moan. Drew’s […]