Stream Columns’ Thrashy, Grindy ‘Please Explode’

I tend to truly enjoy anything Adam Cody is involved with, which includes the disappointingly under-active Glass Casket and the always active Wretched. The vocalist has been working on another project for some time now alongside members of Hemdale and Vehemence as well, and today we can officially stream Columns’ new record, Please Explode, in […]

MUSIC VIDEO: Dying Fetus – From Womb to Waste

Tech-death metal veterans Dying Fetus have unleashed a brand new video for their extreme track, “From Womb to Waste” which comes off their forthcoming seventh full-length Reign Supreme that drops this next Tuesday, June 19 via Relapse. This song is brutal as all Hell and the video features awesome live footage of the band doing […]

MUSIC VIDEO: Mastodon – Dry Bone Valley

Mastodon have released another music video gem off of their latest album The Hunter for our viewing pleasure. Their video for “Dry Bone Valley,” directed by Tom Biskup, takes us down the animated path of evil images flying quickly towards the camera lens. Mastodon have made another great video and can be seen by simply […]

Relapse Records signs Weapon

Relapse Records has officially announced that they have signed Canadian death metal outfit Weapon. A statement from their frontman Vetis Monarch, regarding the signing, can be viewed by looking below. Weapon is ready to take over the world, and our signing with a legendary label like Relapse Records is a key element in achieving that […]

STREAM: Revocation – Chaos Of Forms

Revocation have unleashed the blistering title track, “Chaos Of Forms,” that is currently streaming on Under The Gun. Tell us what you think about this song and pick up Chaos Of Forms when it is released, on August 16, via Relapse Records. UTG’s own Jordan Munson gave this stunning album a 9/10 so you know […]

REVIEW: Tombs – Path Of Totality

“While Path of Totality is not really groundbreaking, it is a really solid album with lots of replay value, but I could very easily imagine anyone with a dislike of black or sludge metal having almost no interest in this album or any song within it. The real question becomes “Is this the best they’ve got or is there better yet?” It’s hard to imagine what Tombs could do better, but somehow it doesn’t feel like it’s the best they’ve got.”

Eminem has had a great year

MTV wrote a piece of the rise of Eminem this past year so click over the link to read it!

Eminem Will Not Relapse

… or will he?

Eminem to Release Relapse: Refill

Eminem will release Relapse: Refill on December 21st. Track Listing 01) People Make Me 02) Taking My Ball 03) Insult To Injury 04) Outlet 05) Carrington Pool 06) Forever (feat. Drake, Kanye West, and Lil Wayne) 07) Stainless Ego

Eminem posts “Beautiful” video

Last week, we brought you the teaser of the new Eminem video for “Beautiful” which was filmed in and around Detroit. You can now view the entire clip below. I think this is a solid step in the direction that he needs to take to get us back to the old, deeper Eminem. Thoughts?

Eminem/Mr. Porter freestyle on Rap City

Eminem & Mr. Porter – Rap City Freestyle (06-12-09) It doesn’t get any hotter than this, honestly. Big Tigga hosting the show with Eminem and Mr. Porter on the vocals while The Alchemist spins the records and 50 Cent BS’s in the background. Now THAT is a crew! I’m happy to see Mr. Porter get […]

Eminem To Reunite With D12 For New Album

Now that Eminem is back it means that D12 is back! Thank you Lord. RIP Bugz & Big Proof!!  This is all the information that is available right now: After a 5 year hiatus, Eminem is set to hit the studio to reunite with his Detroit group D-12. “Me and the guys, we got a […]