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I Set My Friends on Fire premiere new video!

Might as well start working on the next 1000 posts right away! Epitaph Record’s I Set My Friends On Fire have finally premiered the music video for “Things That Rhyme With Orange” which is both cute and hilarious at the same time. I know these guys get a lot of hate, but they sure do […]


WOOOOOOOOO! This right here is the ONE THOUSANDTH post on Under The Gun Review. It only took us 16 months, but we’re here now and we’re not slowing down whatsoever. In fact, we’ve posted over 100 articles this month alone! That means 2000 posts will come much quicker, but regardless, this is a moment to […]


There’s a point and time when a band evolves and you know they’re onto something great. Winds of Plague are showing much promise in the metal scene and are gradually taking it over as time passes. Our friend Johnny Plague from W.O.P was nice enough to sit down with [UTG] to discuss the Summer Slaughter […]

Weekly 5: Your Demise

Weekly 5 is our attempt to get more coverage for more artists. Doing interviews and even moreso scheduling them can be difficult, especially in the busy summer tour months, so to give bands opportunity for coverage when our schedules don’t meet too well, we’ve developed: The Weekly 5. This is a top 5 list any […]

RH BLESS unleashes a mountain of new material

RH BLESS, one of our favorite up and coming rappers has been busier than a hive of bees as of late. Look below to find a rock/hip hop hybrid track entitled “Ghetto Metal” from his upcoming Unsignable mixtape as well as his hot new video for “No Half Stepping.” Seriously, if this guy doesn’t blow […]

Rev Run’s son gets one day of community service

Reverend Run’s son Joseph Simmons Jr. plead guilty to a charge of disorderly conduct after being busted in Manhattan with marijuana in May. The 19-year-old was original was caught rolling a joint by police on May 8th, while he was in a car along the Upper West Side. Police accused the rapper of backing up […]

Pharrell Williams sued over stealing a song

Pharrell is being sued by the band Greggy Tah. In a new federal lawsuit that was filed this week, Thomas Jordan claims that the Neptunes producer produced track “All I Wanna Do (Feel Like Me),” used by the rap group The Clipse, rips off his “Whoever You Are” song from 1996. The lawsuit says that […]

Wiz Khalifa Leaves Warner Brothers Records

After two years since signing a reported seven-figure, major label deal with Warner Brothers Records, Pittsburgh emcee, and DXnext alum Wiz Khalifa announced this afternoon that he had left the California-based label. The 21 year-old rapper will reportedly remain a Rostrum Records artist, seeking independence for the time-being. Rostrum Records’ President Benjy Grinberg, says, “We […]