Wiz Khalifa Leaves Warner Brothers Records

After two years since signing a reported seven-figure, major label deal with Warner Brothers Records, Pittsburgh emcee, and DXnext alum Wiz Khalifa announced this afternoon that he had left the California-based label. The 21 year-old rapper will reportedly remain a Rostrum Records artist, seeking independence for the time-being.

Rostrum Records’ President Benjy Grinberg, says, “We feel that this ‘divorce’ is the best thing for both parties at this juncture and we appreciate the leniency Warner has shown with our release. We are excited to be independent again.” Khalifa added, “I’d like to thank Warner Bros. for understanding our reasons for wanting to leave. I learned a lot during my time there and matured as an artist during the process. I’m happy to be moving on with all of my material and having the chance to be in control of my next moves.”

While at the label, Wiz released the popular single and subsequent video the  Alice DJ-inspired “Say Yeah.”

Having recently released Flying High In The Twin Cities, Wiz and Curren¢y are slated to release a Flight School tape this fall, after extensive touring this summer.

courtesy of HipHopDX

It seems like more and more rappers are leaving big wig labels and going indie. I do not blame the…there are opportunities out there. I’ve heard of guys making up to $7.00/CD sold if they sell their CD for $10.00. That number sure beats the pants off of the $0.85 I’ve heard some rappers getting for their CD selling.

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