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The Pixies to Tour for “Doolittle” Anniversary

Twenty years ago in 2009, the Pixies released their second album, Doolittle. Now, the group has announced a string of European tour dates to celebrate the longevity of the album that really kickstarted the groups carrear. The tour starts in October, and the official dates can be found at the Pixes website HERE

Atreyu Post New Song

Atreyu’s hotly anticipated album Congregation of the Damned doesn’t drop until October 27th, but in the meantime the band is giving fans a taste of their new material on their Myspace page. Currently the only song on their music player, the track “Stop! Before It’s Too Late And We’ve Destroyed It All” was released at […]

Every Time I Go On Sale

Every Time I Die’s [amazing] new album New Junk Aesthetic is on sale at for $6.99 Buy it. No, buy it twice and send one to someone. You owe it to your friends to share great music with them. Don’t let them down.

Album Stream: THE WRECKING COAST [Exclusive!]

Up and coming rockers The Wrecking Coast are preparing to release their brand new EP this Friday, but until then, you can stream it RIGHT HERE ON UTG! Click the music player on the right side of this page to listen to this hot new rock band! If you like what you hear, support them! […]

FREE: Willie The Kid – The Fly Mixtape

  Willie The Kid – The Fly (Mixtape) [Hosted By DJ Drama & DJ Head Debiase] CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS MIXTAPE FOR FREE  

Tony Moon to release two new projects

Tony Moon is back with a laundry list of new projects that our UTG readers need to be aware of. If you can remember way back to June, we covered Tony Moon’s first mixtape entitled, “Moonshine: You Know, For Kids!” Tony’s second mixtape, Lunar Plexus, is set to be dropped on September 15th. Also, on September […]