the wrecking coast

Exclusive Stream: Rebecca Frank – “Fall”

Rebecca Frank, former vocalist for The Modern Elite and The Wrecking Coast, has gone solo and UTG has the exclusive premiere of her first song! Click through to stream “Fall” and gain access to a free MP3 download!

Album Stream: THE WRECKING COAST [Exclusive!]

Up and coming rockers The Wrecking Coast are preparing to release their brand new EP this Friday, but until then, you can stream it RIGHT HERE ON UTG! Click the music player on the right side of this page to listen to this hot new rock band! If you like what you hear, support them! […]

UTG Time Capsule 8/6 [With Rebecca Frank!]

UTG Time Capsule is a weekly feature in which we showcase a classic music video that we feel left a mark on the music world. When possible, the choices for each week [and the reasoning behind it], will come from a member of the music industry [artists, label people, publicists, journalists, etc] so that we […]