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The Prize Fighter Inferno EP To Debut at New York Comic Con

Claudio Sanchez is putting in the overtime this fall to give me a heart attack. Following the announcement of a Coheed and Cambria double album, an incredible preorder package, and a screen adaptation of his comic book, The Amory Wars, there is still more for Children of the Fence to be excited about. Come October 11th, the […]

NEW COVER: Crystalyne – “Anything Could Happen (Ellie Goulding cover Feat. Justin Dubé)”

Did you watch Crystalyne’s latest video and instantly want more? If so (you greedy life suckers), you’ve got it. Today we have a brand new cover featuring Crystalyne’s Marissa Dattoli and singer/songwriter Justin Dubé. The song is “Anything Could Happen” by Ellie Goulding. We think these young Canadian musicians perform the song quite admirably, but […]

Ronnie Radke Assault Trial Rescheduled

First, Falling in Reverse singer Ronnie Radke was arrested for domestic assault. Then he pushed it aside and showed his optimistic side on Twitter. After a police officer gave some details on the case, we discovered that the entertainer was charged with “Corporal Injury to Spouse” and “False Imprisonment.” The original court date for this […]

Twenty One Pilots Premiere New Song is premiering a new Twenty One Pilots track titled, “Holding On To You.” The track comes from the band’s new album Vessel, which will be released via Fueled By Ramen later this year.  

Rookie Of The Year Gets The Vinyl Treatment

American Dream Records is releasing Rookie Of The Year’s The Goodnight Moon on vinyl. We will keep you posted with more detail including variants as soon as we know something.  American Dream Records has released a few quality records (ICMAMLNB Gold Rush, Hawthorne Heights Hate EP) since their beginnings just a year or so ago.