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Sugar Bomb

EXCLUSIVE: Stream The New Sugar Bomb! Single A Day Early

Under The Gun Review and Sugar Bomb! have teamed up to bring you an exclusive stream of the band’s brand new single, “Kiss Me,” a day early of its anticipated release. Recently relocated from Boston to the Big Apple, Sugar Bomb! is a female-fronted grunge pop act ready to knock you in the jaw with […]

EXCLUSIVE ALBUM STREAM: Sirena – ‘The Uncertainty Of Meaning’

Sirena are a four piece hardcore outfit hailing from Piscataway, New Jersey. Since the band’s inception, they’ve been working hard to release the best music they can, which to this point has paid off. The band signed with We Are Triumphant Records, and they are now poised to release their latest full length album, The […]

UTG EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Lucid Skies – “Shotgun Mouthwash”

Under The Gun Review has teamed up with Canadian hardcore act Lucid Skies to bring you the band’s brand new, thrashing single, “Shotgun Mouthwash.” The track is a blistering display of lo-fi aggression coming from a band ready to make waves all the way south to America. The song is the first to drop off […]

UTG EXCLUSIVE STREAM: City Of Ghosts – “Tides Of Youth”

City Of Ghosts and UTG have teamed up to premiere a brand new track from the band, “Tides Of Youth.” The song comes to us straight off of the upcoming EP, The Calm In The Current, due out Oct. 15 on Easy Killer Records. “Tides Of Youth” is a post-hardcore explosion of the best variety, showing […]

EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Marina – “Means To An End”

Marina are a four piece post hardcore outfit hailing from Prague, Czech Republic. They have been working on releasing a full length album, The Downpour, and hope to have it available for fans very soon. In the meantime, we have partnered up with them to exclusively stream one of the songs off the album. The […]

EXCLUSIVE STREAM: From Far Away – ‘Recover|Repeat’ EP

From Far Away are a five piece hardcore outfit hailing from Hagerstown, Maryland. They formed in the summer of 2012, and since then have signed to the alternative label At Your Command Records. On May 14 they will be releasing their debut EP, Recover|Repeat. Today we have the pleasure of streaming the band’s entire EP […]

UTG EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Trophy Scars – “Qeres”

Trophy Scars have had a long, progressive journey through experimentation, various personnel adjustments and maturation, both as people and skilled musicians. From their first efforts way back when on Darts To The Sea all the way up to 2011’s cherished Never Born, Never Dead, this New Jersey outfit have always stood apart from their peers. […]

EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Apparitions – ‘Kiss Me Sleeping’

We are happy to announce that today we have the chance to stream Apparitions’ new album, Kiss Me Sleeping. Apparitions are a six piece hardcore outfit that have been together since February of 2011. Their brand new album officially hits stores today via Indianola Records. If you like what you hear you can pick up […]

EXCLUSIVE STREAM: In Vivid Colour Self-Titled EP

In Vivid Colour are a five piece post hardcore group hailing from Prince Albert, SK, Canada. They are currently poised to release their upcoming self-titled EP March 26 via At Your Command Records. We are pleased to announce that we have an exclusive stream of that EP right here on UTG! You can listen to […]

EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Pyro, Ohio – ‘Before The Sun Sets…’

Pyro, Ohio are a five piece post hardcore outfit hailing from Christianburg, Virginia. The band will be releasing their EP, Before The Sun Sets…, this coming Tuesday, March 5, via At Your Command Records. Thanks to the band’s label and PR, we are happy to say that we currently have the first stream for the […]

EXCLUSIVE STREAM: Close Up On The Quiet Ones – Land Ho EP

Close Up On The Quiet Ones are a four piece post hardcore outfit from Greenville, North Carolina. In April of 2012 they self-released their debut five track Did You Think If You Were Quiet, We Wouldn’t See You? EP. The band is now poised to release their second, seven track EP Land Ho. Early last […]

STREAM: Halfnoise (ex-Paramore) – “Remember When”

In December of 2010, Paramore let the world know that brothers Zac and Josh Farro had left the band. Two days after that, Zac debuted the band he left the pop/punk rockers to focus on. That band, now called Halfnoise, has its debut EP come out on October 2. The track listing is: 1. “Remember […]