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Before Their Eyes Are Calling It Quits

In what seems like a common trend these days, another band is throwing in the towel.  It looks as if Before Their Eyes will be calling it quits in 2013.  The band recently took to their Facebook account to post this somewhat cryptic message: “The Finale. Coming soon. We love you all. 2006-2013, the best […]

Sumerian Records Releases New Statement About Ronnie Radke

‎Just when we hoped the drama that had its place in St. Andrew’s Hall in Detroit last night was through, more details have come to light about the situation. After I See Stars were removed from the Thug In Me Is You Tour by Ronnie Radke of Falling In Reverse, a fight broke out between […]

Tim Commerford On New Rage Album: “Definitely, Maybe…”

TMZ has a habit of running into alternative rock bassists in random parking lots in Los Angeles. I really can’t explain how or why (seriously, it’s a big city, why would you run into a celebrity in a parking lot multiple times?), but this is the second time in less than two months that they’ve […]

STREAM: Concepts – “As Long As You Love Me” (Justin Bieber Cover)

The post hardcore outfit hailing from Houston, Texas, Concepts, have released their version of Justin Bieber’s “As Long As You Love Me”. You can listen to the cover of the song by checking below the jump. Considering that the trend with bands covering hip hop/pop songs is getting a little old at this point, I […]

WATCH: The Weeknd – “Enemy”

The Weeknd exudes sex. How’s that for an opening line? Abel Tesfaye has taken over the R&B game for the past few years, one sweet love making session at a time. Last night, the sultry singer crooned and swooned over a Toronto audience at Sound Academy. The song: “Enemy,” which premiered last week. This was […]

thom yorke

RUMOR: Thom Yorke’s Atoms For Peace Debut Coming In January

This is not exactly your heaviest hitting rumor, more of just something a fan website posted with no sourcing and something we haven’t gotten confirmation on (and then something hipster empire Pitchfork noticed and also lacked confirmation on). Nonetheless, Thom Yorke of Radiohead has his side project, Atoms For Peace, and their debut album is […]

WATCH: Chris Conley (Saves The Day) – “Jessie & My Whetstone” Acoustic

Chris Conley, lead vocalist and guitarist for emo band Saves The Day, recently opened up for Further Seems Forever as a solo acoustic act. They’ve posted some good quality fan footage of a song from one of the shows, “Jessie & My Whetstone”. As a fan, I’m disappointed knowing that Chris Conley won’t open the […]

Ed Sheeran 2012

STREAM: Ed Sheeran – “Give Me Love” Remixes

One of my favorite break out artists is Ed Sheeran. He’s ginger haired, Halifax born, well humored, and he has one hell of a voice. He reached commercial success with “+”, his début full length from Atlantic Records. The success garnered from this and several International tours caught the eye of 2012 Olympic Ceremony Director Danny Boyle. Ed […]

No Sleep Records Opens Preorder for 2013 Vinyl Subscription

Is the year almost over already? My goodness, where did 2012 go? We’re now under two months away from ringing in the new year and taking 2013 by the horns. That means it’s time to make some New Year’s resolutions and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be promising yourself that you’ll stop buying so […]

In Fear And Faith Attacked In Texas; Guitarist Ramin Niroomand Suffers Broken Nose

Rough way to start the day, but the UTG crew woke up to news that some of our best friends in music were attacked yesterday and rushed to share the information with you. While traveling through Texas yesterday, Rise Records’ In Fear And Faith ran out of gas somewhere alone one of the Lone Star […]