Before Their Eyes Are Calling It Quits

In what seems like a common trend these days, another band is throwing in the towel.  It looks as if Before Their Eyes will be calling it quits in 2013.  The band recently took to their Facebook account to post this somewhat cryptic message:

“The Finale. Coming soon. We love you all. 2006-2013, the best years of our lives. THANK YOU.”

The band just recently released Redemption on March 26, 2012.  Since this message says 2013, one can hope that possibly The Finale could be a final release from the band or a farewell tour.  Either way, stay tuned to UTG for more news as it comes to us.

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One Response to “Before Their Eyes Are Calling It Quits”

  1. Luke Murphy says:

    They announced shortly after they released their last album that they were working on a new EP that would be “heavier” the the album. Its probably just be the same.