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Linkin Park Unleash New Single Featuring Daron Malakian

The promotional campaign leading up to the June 17 release of Linkin Park’s sixth studio album, The Hunting Party, is now well under way. So far, fans have been offered several glimpses of what’s to come, and earlier today, the Agoura Hills outfit continued to hype their forthcoming effort by debuting yet another new track […]

30 Seconds To Mars ‘Artifact’ Documentary Officially Has Release Date

If you are a big fan of 30 Seconds To Mars then it’s likely that you know about the feud between them and their record label, Virgin Records (parent company is EMI). The band filmed a documentary detailing the legal battle they embarked on with the label, as well as the recording process for their […]

Watch 30 Seconds To Mars Cover Rihanna’s “Stay”

30 Seconds To Mars recently covered Rihanna’s “Stay” for BBC Radio’s Live Lounge. It’s pretty much the same song minus the bathtub breakdown. They kept the music similar, and the only major difference was of course Jared Leto’s grizzly vocals. In the end this cover could be a contender for those Buzzcut CDs. You know, […]

30 Seconds To Mars Reveal North American Tour Dates

30 Seconds To Mars have unleashed eight brand new North American touring dates for their upcoming run in September / October and can be seen here. Starting off in Georgia on September 27, the group will travel through New Jersey, parts of Canada, Ohio, Colorado, and finally end up in California. Are you excited to […]

Thirty Seconds To Mars And You Me At Six Touring The UK Together

For a lot of people, when they see Jared Leto, they think rock and roll frontman. When I see him, I think Angel Face in Fight Club or Harry in Requiem For A Dream. (Needless to say, I had a scarred childhood.) Regardless, Leto and his band, Thirty Seconds To Mars, are going on tour […]

LYRIC VIDEO: 30 Seconds To Mars – “The Race”

30 Seconds to Mars dropped a new lyric video for the track “The Race” today. The song is the second to debut from the band’s new record, LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS and contains strong electronic influences, while still being poisonously catchy. LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS is due out May 21. Click “Read More” to check out “The […]

FLASHBACK: 7 Unforgettable AOL Undercover Sessions

Earlier today news broke over Twitter that Spinner and all of AOL Music would be shutting down. First impressions were that this would be a gradual change, but tweets sent from the Spinner account (which were later deleted) said that the plug was being pulled today. Spinner Editor Dan Reilly even tweeted, “Well, we all […]

30 Seconds To Mars Announce New Album; Stream Single

30 Seconds To Mars are a band that often divides our readers. Some believe the Jared Leto fronted band deserve every bit of press and praise they’ve earned over the years, while others feel the superstar popularity of their vocalist has aided their progress and put them in a position far surpassing most bands of […]

30 Seconds To Mars making a film against EMI

30 Seconds To Mars have decided to make a movie about their legal troubles with record label EMI over their 2009 album, This Is War. Bob Lefsetz, American music figure, confirmed the project in a lengthy blog post about meeting Jared Leto (the band’s front man) on his Lefsets Letter blog.

More 30STM breakup rumors

Adding fuel to the fire, Jared Leto recently furthered rumors of 30 Seconds To Mars nearing their end after he confessed he’d need rehab before he could consider making another video with his band mates: “I would love to make another video. But I think if we did make another video, it would probably kill […]

MUSIC VIDEO: 30 Seconds To Mars – This Is War

30 Seconds To Mars have released their new music video for “This Is War,” the title track from their 2009 full length. Check out the video below.

Jared Leto as Kurt Cobain?

As many of you know, today marks the 17th anniversary of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain’s suicide. To celebrate his life, 30 Seconds To Mars’ Jared Leto released the following clip of him performing AS Kurt Cobain. As you’ll read below, Leto apparently shot a short film as Cobain in an attempt to explore the possibilities […]