The Trailer For Lifetime’s Aaliyah Biopic Features Music By…Iggy Azalea?

We live in an age where media that we never wanted nor asked for is shoved down our throats. Some gobble it right up, while the rest try to forget it ever happened. In a recent example of questionable movie content, Lifetime has decided to release a controversial biopic depicting the life of the late […]

STREAM: Aaliyah – “Quit Hatin’”

This week would have marked Aaliyah Haughton’s 34th birthday and it is being celebrated with a special stream of her song “Quit Hatin’”. The song had already been released with less lyrical content and one cut out verse but the new version surpasses completely. Exceptional production on “Quit Hatin’” came from Knotch and Dre Sinatra. […]

DMX Slams Drake Over Aaliyah Album

DMX has a new album in stores this week, which means he is currently making the rounds on every radio station, television broadcast, podcast, and print publication that will give him a moment of their time. Somewhere in this mix he took a moment to speak with MTV’s RapFixLive, who asked the “Already” rapper how […]

STREAM: Aaliyah Ft. Drake – “Enough Said”

There is no denying the impact late singer Aaliyah had on R&B/hip/hop and today a new track has been released, featuring Young Money artist Drake. We have honestly only taken this song for one spin and it seems very different to the staff members of UTG. Please click through to listen to this new material […]