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What The Film!? – Independence Day

What The Film!? is a weekly column exclusive to Under The Gun Review that brings to light the general fuckery Hollywood hoped you’d never notice. Written by Dane Sager, this column shows no mercy to films that try to pull the proverbial wool over our eyes. If you know a film with major plot holes or those […]


Historically, the Post-Memorial Day weekend has never shown much (if any) increase in sales, and that’s exactly the case from May 31 through June 2. Fast & Furious 6 has successfully kept itself in the lead for a consecutive week with a 6.5 million gap separating itself from the top performer of this week’s latest […]

Will Smith Considering Making New Music; Developing Ideas With Kanye West

When images of Will Smith and Kanye West in South America together surfaced online earlier this year, fans on both sides of the fence began foaming at the mouth when considering the possibilities of what would happen should these two entertainment heavyweights join forces. At the time, we figured it was all speculation brought on […]