Altar TV

WATCH: American Opera – “Songs I Used To Sing” (Live)

John Bee and his splendid handlebar moustache are at it again. Apparently while in Austin for SXSW, John Bee — performing under his moniker, American Opera — met up with Altar TV to film his song, “Songs I Used To Sing”. The performance that was filmed came out beautifully. A different live version of “Songs I […]

WATCH: Glossary – “Bruised Ribs” (Live)

Suddenly my new favorite band, Tennessee’s Glossary performed live in Austin, Texas at the Cathedral of Junk for Altar TV. Altar TV calls Glossary “a band from Tennessee who take Southern styles to indie-rock places.” The song the band decided to perform, “Bruised Ribs”, is actually a track off of Glossary vocalist Joey Kneiser’s solo record, The […]

WATCH: The Last Bison – “Woodcutter’s Son” (Live)

The Last Bison and Altar TV got together while in Austin, Texas for SXSW this year. The end result of this collaboration turned out to be a wonderful live performance of The Last Bison’s “Woodcutter’s Son” on Altar TV’s Ballroom Sessions. Amazingly enough, even while playing an older song in their repertoire, the band still […]

WATCH: This Is Hell – “Death of World Class” (Live)

The guys at Altar TV caught up with Long Island’s This Is Hell at 222 Ormsby in Pittsburgh back in February. In this episode of Altar TV’s Live at the Show series, listen to This Is Hell discuss what it’s like being in the band before they hit the stage. If you take anything from their […]

WATCH: Every Avenue – “Someday, Somehow” (Live)

Altar TV recently caught Every Avenue live at the Altar Bar in Pittsburgh while they made their rounds on The Last Call Tour in December. The Last Call Tour marked the end of an era for Every Avenue, as they had previously announced their indefinite hiatus. Set It Off, Conditions, Wilson and Car Party acted […]

WATCH: Miss May I – “Hey Mister” (Live)

Ohio metalcore outfit, Miss May I, recently performed “Hey Mister” from their latest Rise Records release, At Heart, and Altar TV was there to film it. On this episode of Altar TV’s Live at the Show series, Miss May I vocalist Levi Benton discusses the band’s live show. “We really really try to be a […]

WATCH: Bayside – “Already Gone” (Live)

The guys at Altar TV were recently lucky enough to, yet again, hook up with Anthony Raneri and the Bayside crew. In this episode of Altar TV’s Live at the Show series, watch Bayside perform “Already Gone”, the opening track from Killing Time. Raneri himself can also be seen discussing band metrics, how often Bayside […]

WATCH: The Menzingers – “Casey” (Acoustic)

Pennsylvania punk band The Menzingers have already started off 2013 brightly by appearing on Altar TV. They’ve now done a Back Seat Session, doing the song “Casey” acoustically in Amsterdam. This isn’t the first time The Menzingers have done an acoustic performance, either, as we posted them doing “Deep Sleep” and “Sun Hotel Pt 2” […]

WATCH: The Menzingers – “Good Things” (Live)

The Menzingers closed out 2012 on a high note. They released their third album, On The Impossible Past, via Epitaph Records earning them spots on many Best Of 2012 lists, including the number one spot over at Our friends over at Altar TV released their brand new Live at the Show episode today featuring […]

WATCH: I The Mighty – “These Streets Are Alive”

San Francisco rockers I The Mighty teamed up with Altar TV to deliver a breathtaking performance of “These Streets Are Alive”, one of the songs off of the band’s 2012 EP, Karma Never Sleeps. The live recording was done while the band was on the road with Dance Gavin Dance and the rest of the […]

William Beckett

WATCH: William Beckett – “Dear Life”

William Beckett recently performed “Dear Life” off of his latest EP, What Will Be, on Altar TV‘s Unplugged and Unrehearsed web series. “I actually wrote this song in L.A. and, um, I was severely hung over when I wrote this song,” the ex-Academy Is… vocalist explained before playing the song. “The song is essentially sort […]

Touché Amoré

WATCH: Touche Amore – “Home Away From Here”

Watch Touche Amore perform “Home Away From Here” live on Altar TV‘s Live at the Show web series. “‘Home Away From Here’ is pretty cut and dry. It’s the poppiest song we’ve ever written.” says Touche Amore vocalist Jerermy Bolm in the video. “That song is basically about finding comfort in distance…” The song is from the […]