Conor Oberst’s Rape Accuser Retracts Statement

Another week, another story of the internet using half-truths in place of hard facts. Joanie Faircloth, who allegedly was sexually assaulted by Bright Eyes frontman Conor Oberst, came out today and retracted her statement, saying that she made her entire story up for attention. In a notarized letter from her lawyer, the statement goes on to […]

Consider pop-punk defended

To read an article on MindEqualsBlown talking about the history and current state of the pop-punk music scene, click here. The article gives a great synopsis of how the genre, as the title accurately describes, has “recaptured its spirit.”

Rolling Stone covers Blink-182

Rolling Stone has posted a new article on Blink-182, discussing the creative process for their new album as well as other info fans won’t be able to put down. Click here to check it out.

Panic! At The Disco on March Madness

This week, Panic! At The Disco are up against Florence and The Machine for MTV’s Musical March Madness. See what Panic! has to say about the competition below, and read the article here. MTV Shows

Panic! At The Disco talks to MTV News

MTV News sits down with Panic! At The Disco for #MusicMonday. You can watch the video below and read the article here. MTV Shows

Sufjan Stevens documentary in the works

Hipsters rejoice! Someone is making a film about your hero, Sufjan Stevens.

The Streets call it quits

In a new interview with Mike Skinner, it was revealed he plans to “kill off” his musical project known as The Streets and that next month’s album,Computers And Blues, will be his last. Find out more, here.

Foo Fighters interview

Read an awesome new interview with Foo Fighters by clicking on the link.