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UTG INTERVIEW: Polyenso discuss their local scene and musical metamorphosis

Despite the stronghold of pastel polos, bronzer, and Jimmy Buffet covers, St. Petersburg, Florida is slowly releasing its Miami Vice-grip to a hipper, more artistic population. The current music scene—if you want to call it that—is mostly bands and artists like Polyenso. They are remnants of the “screamo” wave that ruled the 2000s. Once known […]

Rise Records Artist Profile With Tyler Carter Of Issues

Rise Records have been releasing a new series of artist profile videos featuring different musicians off their label talking about music, life, dreams and their personal lives. Their most recent video features Tyler Carter of Issues. If you are a fan of the band, I would recommend checking out this video. Hearing some of his […]

Rise Records Artist Profile: Michael Bohn Of Issues

Rise Records launched a feature through their YouTube channel that allows fans to learn about their favorite musicians. In their latest installment, they interviewed vocalist Michael Bohn of Issues, and we learn some interesting stuff. He opens up about having Tourette syndrome and talks about his passion for music. You can watch the full artist […]