Bad Suns

Bad Suns Release Powerful Video For “Salt”

After years of silence on the subject, 2014 has brought several discussions of gender identity to the mainstream – acceptance and understanding of the issues involving the spectrum of gender and sexuality have begun to enter everyday discussion, which is a great thing. This progression comes largely from the influence of artists who live with gender dysphoria. Bad Suns‘ […]

Stream The Remix Of Bad Suns’ “Salt”

Bad Suns seem to have come out of nowhere and taken the music scene by storm. Their catchy pop songs have clearly been a hit for fans, and their single “Cardiac Arrest” got them picked up by Vagrant Records. This is a label that is also home to artists like City And Colour and Band […]

Bad Suns Reveal Visuals For “Cardiac Arrest”

You might not really know who Bad Suns are right now, but this won’t be the last time you hear about them. They are a four piece indie pop outfit hailing from southern California. The very first single the group released was “Cardiac Arrest.” That single immediately shot the band up into the lime light, […]

REVIEW: Bad Suns – ‘Transpose’ EP

Artist: Bad Suns Album: Transpose EP Genre: Alternative-Pop There was a time where pop music didn’t do much for me. I cast catchy hooks aside for more rewarding pastures, I guess a lot of the hype just didn’t make sense to me. But, in an industry that can sometimes be polluted with egos, overconfidence, and […]

Bad Suns Stream “Salt”

I’m pretty sure I’m the only pop-loving mope on the planet that just can’t get into The 1975 no matter how many times I’ve tried. I mean, I love sex, chocolate, and girls but when they’re put into song-form by The 1975, they just don’t work for me. When I first heard Bad Suns, I […]