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UTG ALBUM STREAM: Nigel Silverthorn – The Tip Of The Tongue. The Teeth. The Lips.

Release today, Nigel Silverthorn’s The Tip Of The Tongue. The Teeth. The Lips. is the kind if record you both want to share with the world and keep completely to itself. It reaches a level of accessibility few can, but with such provocative honesty that you’d rather keep it to yourself, safe and sound. Silverthorn […]

TRV$DJAM – Fix Your Face Vol. 2: Coachella 09

Artist: TRV$DJAM Album: Fix Your Face Vol. 2 Genre: DJ Label: NONE Travis Barker and DJ AM have spent the better part of this year and the tail end of 08 carving their new musical project TRV$DJAM into the music world. It’s an interesting concept involving DJ AM spinning records while Barker does what he’s […]

NeverShoutNever – The Summer EP

Artist: NeverShoutNever Album: The Summer EP Genre: Acoustic/Pop Label: None Christofer Drew has returned [finally] with a full band EP that’s sure to make girls squeal and guys moan. By moan, I’m not talking excitedly, but that dull roar of “this girl is going to make me listen to this forever” kind of moan. Drew’s […]

Syrens – Syrens

Artist: Syrens Album: Syrens Genre: Grindcore/Hardcore with Heart Label: Cavity It seems with the summer coming we tend to get flooded with commercial rap and pop punk records. I’ve not been complaining about this one bit as 2009 has had a lot of solid records to offer, but I have noticed a true lack of […]

Fun. Announce Album Details

from the press release:   Nettwerk Music Group is proud to announce the release of AIM AND IGNITE, the highly anticipated debut from fun., out August 25th.  AIM AND IGNITE was produced by Redd Kross’ Steven McDonald and is a stunning array of diverse inspirations from three extraordinary musicians-former front man of The Format Nate Ruess, ex-Anathallo multi-instrumentalist […]

New Eye Alaska!

Eye Alaska’s digital single for “Walk Like A Gentleman” is now available on iTunes. Also, check out the album art and track listing from their upcoming album Genesis Underground, releasing July 7th, on their MySpace page.


Lights has once again posted a video blog for her fans. In this we learn that she’s not only beautiful and talented, but quirky and cute as well! Grant and James, please put your tongues back in your mouths.

Lights Video Blog

Lights has posted an interesting new video blog which can be seen below. She will be on Warped tour this summer and if you miss her set, you fail at life. Sorry, I don’t make the rules, that’s just life.