Syrens – Syrens

cover1Artist: Syrens
Album: Syrens
Genre: Grindcore/Hardcore with Heart
Label: Cavity

It seems with the summer coming we tend to get flooded with commercial rap and pop punk records. I’ve not been complaining about this one bit as 2009 has had a lot of solid records to offer, but I have noticed a true lack of remarkable heavy music on the scene. However, that all changed the day I met Syrens and their brand new self titled release.

Starting as if they were making the soundtrack to the barrel of a smoking gun during wartime, “Flesh and Honey,” showcases the band’s truly ridiculous side. This track, heavily reminiscent of anything from See You Next Tuesday meets Heavy Heavy Low Low lasts less than two minutes, but let’s you know the band came to play – LOUD. “The People Vs. The Motherwold,” the second track, is where we really get to sink our teeth in Syrens. We have the heavy elements from earlier, but with a twist melodic jam and Every Time I like rockcore music. It builds this foundation that the rest of the record seems to sit on throughout the duration of the record – almost as if the band is raising the bar with each sequential track. “Metamorphosis,” the third and possibly most experimental track on the record, truly defines an epic song, in any genre. If you have any doubt of the originality of this genre, look no further than right here.

The heavy factor hits a new high on the insanely compelling, “Equality 7-2521.” Through Chariot like vocals and a straight onslaught of guitars and thunderous drums, Syrens takes us into the eye of a hurricane of grindcore and and let’s us watch the insanity. This is only pushed to the next level with the apocalyptic, “May Armageddon Reign In These Hands Now.” Seriously, between these two songs, we have an act that some albums fail to create. The songs flow without sounding repetitious and just lave you wanting more.

Then, to close the record, the band that has already proven to be more than just another grindcore/hardcore act, takes it one step farther. “Poison Begat Poison:,” is a grandiose display of seemingly every element of heavy music. It’s the band’s opus and it works amazingly well.

I entered Syrens’ self titled release with caution as the past few months have given us our fair share of terrible grindcore acts, but I can say full heartedly, I left the record with a smile. By mixing elements of seemingly every genre of heavy music and great vocals/lyrics, Syrens has managed to create and a remarkable and much needed golden goose for the world of heavy music. This is the kind of record that restores your faith in a scene. It’s great.

Score: 8.5/10

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2 Responses to “Syrens – Syrens”

  1. thank you so much for the kind words! i am glad that you enjoyed the record.

  2. Syrens777 says:

    i know this is wicked late, but thank you so much for the kind words. our new record “speaking in dead languages” will be out later this year