Rest In Peace: Blockbuster Video (1985-2013)

As a child, video stores were like heaven to me. Every shelf was filled with hours of adventures and entertainment waiting to be experienced, and with only a few dollars I could take any title home that very night (only to bring it back the next day). Netflix replaced that experience by allowing consumers to […]


Film: Pacific Rim Starring: Charlie Hunnam Directed by: Guillermo Del Toro After what has felt like a year of having the phrase “In order to fight monsters, we created monsters of our own” shoved in our faces through every advertising avenue imaginable, the time has finally come for the world to feast its collective eyes […]

MOVIE REVIEW: Men In Black 3

Film: Men In Black 3 Starring: Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones Directed by: Barry Sonnenfeld Sitting in the AMC Loews Boston Commons Monday night, I found it hard to believe a decade had past since we last followed agents J and K into battle against forces from outer space. There was an excitement in the […]