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‘Fury’ Runs Over ‘Gone Girl’ on the Path to the Top

Despite the fact that October tends to be relatively packed full of horror films, Brad Pitt’s return to the silver screen has been met with an enormous response. Thanks to the $23.5 million that it had made on its opening weekend, Fury has knocked Gone Girl from its chart-topping position. Sales aren’t the only thing going […]

MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Fury’ Offers A Haunting and Thrilling Vision Of World War II

Film: Fury Starring: Brad Pitt, Logan Lerman Directed By: David Ayer Fury is a violent film about bad men doing bad things in the heart of Nazi-occupied Germany at the tail end of World War II. It’s the complete opposite of a feel-good film, but it just might be one of the year’s best cinematic […]

Second ‘Fury’ Trailer Reveals The World War II Film’s Plot

The second trailer for the Brad Pitt lead war epic ‘Fury’ showcases the film’s plot and stunning cinematography.

Watch The Latest Trailer for Brad Pitt’s ‘Fury’

Recently, a new trailer has arrived for this Fall’s World War II drama, Fury, a story of an American tank team entering Germany during the final months of the war. The film, which hits theatres on October 17, stars Brad Pitt as a tank sergeant nick-named “Wardaddy,” leading his five-man crew on a dangerous mission […]

‘Fury’ Trailer: Brad Pitt Kills Germans (Again!)

Everyone knows Brad Pitt fought and defeated the Nazi regime in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds, but this fall fans of cinema can see him return to World War 2 in what looks to be a far more heart-wrenching tale of valor and honor. Fury is the latest feature from End Of Watch and Training Day […]

Brad Pitt Officially Starring In ‘World War Z’ Sequel, Writer Revealed

Though it has been considered true by many in the media for essentially a year at this point, Variety has confirmed that Brad Pitt will star in the planned sequel to 2013’s World War Z. That film, which just so happens to be the highest grossing of Pitt’s entire career, raked in more than $540 […]

Director Of ‘The Orphanage’ And ‘The Impossible’ Set To Helm ‘World War Z’ Sequel

Juan Antonio Bayona, director of superb 2007 horror flick The Orphanage and 2012 disaster drama The Impossible, has been signed to direct the sequel to the Brad Pitt-starring, 2012 blockbuster World War Z.  The sequel to the surprise hit with the troubled production will be the Spanish film director’s greatest task yet, and by quite a large margin. The […]

Brad Pitt Claims A WWZ Sequel Is In The Works

Brad Pitt is currently touring around promoting his upcoming movie, 12 Years A Slave. His most recent stop was Toronto’s film festival, and he took some time from his busy schedule to sit and have an interview about the movie. During the interview he was asked if there would be a World War Z sequel, […]

First ’12 Years A Slave’ Trailer Has Oscar Contender Written All Over It

Most of the nerd universe is wrapped up in Comic-Con this week, but there is plenty happening outside the world of heroes and creatures to be excited about as well. Specifically, the brand new trailer for the upcoming Steve McQueen directed epic, 12 Years A Slave. Starting decades before Lincoln would abolish slavery, 12 Years […]

‘World War Z’ Sequel Already In Development

Well, that certainly did not take long. Though many studios may see opening in second as a bit of a loss, The Hollywood Reporter has learned Paramount Pictures are rather ecstatic over the $66 million domestic debut of World War Z. So much so, in fact, that a sequel is already in development. Speaking with […]



One of the biggest debates in Hollywood leading into this weekend was the question of who would come out on top between Monsters University, the highly anticipated prequel to one of Pixar’s most favored films, Monsters Inc., or World War Z, a film starring Brad Pitt and based off of the Max Brooks horror novel […]


Film: World War Z Starring: Brad Pitt Directed by: Marc Foster Let’s get this out of the way right off the top: Anyone who read Max Brooks’ World War Z and spent the last few years wondering how a novel with no central character would be brought to life should know before paying see this […]