Balance and Composure ‘Separation’ pre-orders

Click here to check out the pre-order bundles for Balance and Composure‘s upcoming album, Separation, through No Sleep Records. The album is available in both CD and vinyl formats, and can be paired with a couple of different clothing options.

Title Fight pre-order bundles for Shed

The pre-order bundles for Title Fight‘s upcoming release, Shed, are posted right here. Content and price options are listed below. CD=$8 LP=$12 CD+Tee=$18 LP+Tee=$22 CD+Tee+Zine w/Flexi Vinyl=$27 LP+Tee+ Zine w/Flexi Vinyl=$31 I WANT IT ALL (CD+LP+Tee+Zine w/Flexi Vinyl+VHS) =$38 (this bundle saves you $11)

An Obscure Signal stream and bundle

Maryland’s Metal/Hardcore group, An Obscure Signal, have just put out a new song called “Occurrences” for FREE. Included with the song stream download is a bundle with custom-made wallpapers for your desktops and iPhones. People that download from Bandcamp page will be sent an extra gift in a few weeks. Download here. Noteable producer Misha […]

The Scene Aesthetic pre-order

Special pre-order bundles are now available for The Scene Aesthetic‘s upcoming release Brother + Sister on Smartpunk. More info and links are provided after the jump.

We Are The Illusion Pre-Order Bundle

Just in time for those Holiday procrastinators, well, sort of. WE ARE THE ILLUSION have just released their FIRST EVER United States Pre-order. Our friends at Halfwest Management have given you the chance to order this super bundle after the jump!

The Decemberists pre-order bundle available

Pre-order the new album from The Decemberists, called The King Is Dead, over at the group’s official website. Click past the link to view and shop.

Hellogoodbye pre-order bundles

Hellogoodbye pre-order bundles exclusively through Smartpunk.com and Hellogoodbye.net.
New full length “Would It Kill You” available Nov 9, 2010