UTG INTERVIEW: CalatrilloZ Talk Concepts and ‘Psalms Of Zahyin’

Last week, London-based operatic metal band CalatrilloZ released their newest effort, Psalms Of Zahyin — a 6-track blast of shredding guitar riffs, pummeling drum work, orchestral string arrangements and classical vocals led by Zahyin himself, the creative ringleader. We had the chance to speak with Zahyin about all things CalatrilloZ, from the band’s beginnings to […]

CalatrilloZ Premiere New Video For “Z the Psychopath”

London-based symphonic metal act CalatrilloZ have just released a brand new video for “Z the Psychopath,” featured on their newest 6-track release, Psalms of Zahyin, due out on June 22. Premiering over at The Bonesaw, the video features a mostly straightforward performance from the costumed band in all their usual glory, with the members’ black […]