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Warner Bros. Reveals Insane Cast For ‘Suicide Squad’ Film

Hold on to your butts, DC Comics fans. Warner Bros. have revealed the lineup for the upcoming Suicide Squad film and it’s going to blow your superhero-loving minds. Following what many believed to be an early leak of cool information, Warner Bros. confirmed this evening that they’ve recruited some of the biggest names in Hollywood […]

Benedict Cumberbatch In Final Negotiations To Play Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’

The good people over at Deadline dropped the biggest news bomb of the day and possibly of the week. It is now reported that Benedict Cumberbatch of Star Trek Into Darkness and Sherlock is in final negotiations to play Doctor Strange for Marvel Entertainment’s upcoming 2016 film adaptation. This news comes after Joaquin Phoenix’s involvement […]

Channing Tatum Is Confirmed As The New Gambit

We already knew that Channing Tatum and producer Lauren Shuler Donner had fallen quite hard for the idea of Tatum playing the dashing, morally ambiguous Gambit in future X-Men films. Now Donner has confirmed, telling Total Film “it’s Channing.” Donner had a number of reasons for choosing Tatum, citing his roguishness, southern origins, and action-readiness (in other words, that bod). […]

‘Ant-Man’ Adds Patrick Wilson

Patrick Wilson has found his new super hero home: Ant-Man. The Night Owl of 2009’s Watchmen has seen his stock rise in recent years with turns in some of the most successful recent horror films – both Insidious films, The Conjuring and its upcoming sequel – and he’s now the latest big name to be tapped by the Marvel films. With the number […]

Nicolas Cage Will NOT Be Returning For ‘Ghost Rider 3’

Casting news happens more often than unknown bands releasing performance-based music videos, but anything that concerns Nicolas Cage is grounds for a story in our books. After two less than crowd-pleasing efforts, Nicolas Cage has gone on record saying he does not plan to reprise his role in Ghost Rider if a third feature is […]

Tom Hardy Cast In ‘Splinter Cell’ Movie

Not even a month after Michael Fassbender was cast as the lead in the Assassin’s Creed adaptation and Wreck-It Ralph became the highest rated video game movie ever made (suck it, The Wizard), Variety reports that Inception and The Dark Knight Rises star Tom Hardy has been cast as Sam Fisher in the long-delayed film adaptation of Tom Clancy’s […]

RZA Claims Eddie Griffin And Tracy Morgan Want To Play Ol’ Dirty Bastard in Biopic

This has the potential to be the greatest movie development of the year, but it could go wrong. According to XXL, Wu-Tang’s RZA recently revealed in an interview that comedians Eddie Griffin (Undercover Brother) and Tracy Morgan (30 Rock) have expressed interest in portraying the late Ol’ Dirty Bastard in a forthcoming biopic that is […]

Nicki Minaj joins the cast of ” Ice Age: Continental Drift”

For starters, why the hell are they making another Ice Age movie? Is the creativity in the animation sector of Hollywood so minimal these days that all we can do is rehash characters people stopped caring about two movies ago? Seriously, when was the last time you were excited for an Ice Age film other […]

Adam West cast in “The Dark Night Rises”

Adam West is having the best year ever. Not only did he recently learn he is being honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, another longtime dream has (apparently) come true as well. Since Batman Begin kickstarted public interest in the Batman franchise, Adam West, who famously portrayed the character in the […]