Colin Farrell

The first trailer for ‘Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them’ will give you chills all over

Harry Potter is something that a large majority of our generation grew up with. Back in ’98, we started reading the books, and in 2011, we watched the final film in the series, leaving a huge chapter of our lives behind. None of us knew, at that time, that we’d be getting a look into […]

Colin Farrell Tries To Remember Who He Is In First Trailer For ‘Winter’s Tale’

There have been a surprisingly small number of quote/unquote ‘chick flicks’ in recent years. More and more filmmakers are trying to target multiple demographics with each release, and as such the age of cute-meets-cute has started to go the way of the floppy disc. Nowadays cute only meets cute if something completely surreal is happening, […]

Duncan Jones’ ‘Warcraft’ Will Hit Theaters December 2015

Duncan Jones, if you were to ask me, is 2/2 when it comes to directing feature films. First debuting on the big screen with the beloved Moon, the son of David Bowie continued his artistic filmmaking, and went on to follow up with Source Code, which was also critically well received. Embarking on his third […]

Colin Farrell Offered Lead Role In ‘World Of Warcraft’ Movie

With a mooted production date of January 2014 looming, casting on Duncan Jones’s World of Warcraft film seems to be finally moving forward. Two names have hit the presses this morning as potential leads, and perhaps typically of Jones they’re somewhat left-field choices. Deadline is reporting that the director is looking to cast Colin Farrell […]


Movie: Dead Man Down Director: Niels Arden Oplev Writer: J.H. Wyman Studio: Original Film, Frequency Films, IM Global, WWE Studios What would you do if a criminal killed your family? What if a drunk driver hit you and caused enough damage that you needed facial reconstructive surgery and was left disfigured for the rest of your life? Would you […]

EDITORIAL: “Total Recall: Lessons to be Learned from the Sci-Fi Remake’s Poor Performance at the Box Office”

Somewhere in California, Arnold Schwarzenegger is having a good laugh. This weekend’s remake of the action star’s 1990 sci-fi flick Total Recall opened to a so-so $26 million across 3,601 screens, a result that only slightly outperformed the original’s $25.5 million first weekend gross, and that’s before ticket price inflation is taken into account. For […]