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WATCH: Rage Against The Machine perform at L.A. Rising

Last night, Rage Against The Machine played a rare live show at the L.A. Coliseum in Los Angeles, CA (July 31st) as part of the “L.A. Rising Festival“. You can view the complete setlist, as well as a series of fan-shot videos from the show below. Click “Read More” to view all the clips. 01 […]

UTG PHOTOS: The AP Tour hits Detroit (PART 2)

We sent our own Melanie Hodgins to cover the 2011 Alternative Press Spring tour when it rolled through Detroit earlier this month and now have photos you simply MUST see! In fact, there were so many amazing photos that we decided to run TWO SETS! Click through to see Mel’s pictures of Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows and I See Stars!

People On Vacation perform “She Was The Only One”

A fan recently captured People On Vacation performing “She Was The Only One” in Dublin. You can view the footage below. If you’d like to learn more about People On Vacation, click here and Like them on Facebook.

Watch Bright Eyes’ ENTIRE Coachella performance

Bright Eyes performed a thrilling set at Coachella this weekend and UTG has the entire performance for your viewing pleasure! Click below to view performances of “Jejune Stars,” “The Calendar Hung Itself,” and many, many more fan favorites. Bright Eyes’ latest album, The People’s Key, is in stores now.

UTG TV: Emmure – FULL HD LIVE SET from SXSW 2011

We’ve said this a hundred times before, but anyone that has something negative to say about Emmure simply needs to see them live to understand what makes them so great. So, to silence haters once and for all, the UTG TV crew is proud to present a FULL LIVE SET for your enjoyment. These clips were recorded at SXSW 2011 and feature HD performances of “Solar Flare Homicide,” “Demons With Ryu,” “Rusted Over Wet Dreams,” and many more fan favorites!

UTG TV: A Bullet For Pretty Boy (Full HD live set)

Continuing our recent onslaught of live coverage, UTG TV captured four HD live songs from A Bullet For Pretty Boy when the Winterizer tour came to Lansing, MI. Click through to check them out!

UTG TV: I See Stars (Full HD live set!)

The UTG TV crew was on hand at MXTP in Grand Rapids, MI for the last night of I See Stars’ January 2011 headlining tour and captured the ENTIRE SET! Click below to enjoy fan favorite’s from 3D, their cover of “Your Love,” and two songs off their upcoming album, End Of The World Party!

UTG TV: Rocky Loves Emily LIVE!

The UTG TV crew were lucky enough to attend the kickoff of Rocky Loves Emily’s winter headlining tour and captured four songs for your enjoyment! Click through to view HD performances of “American Dream,” “Clueless,” “Cali ‘n’ Monica,” and “Name Of The Game!”

UTG TV: Live It Out (HD live set!)

The UTG TV crew caught up with one of our favorite unsigned bands, Live It Out, for a live set that can’t be missed! Check out footage from their December 15, 2010 with Hit The Lights and Such Gold after the jump!

UTG TV: Hit The Lights (HD live set)

UTG TV was on hand for the kickoff of Hit The Lights’ 2010 holiday tour with Such Gold and have seven EXCLUSIVE live videos from HTL’s set for your viewing pleasure! Check out “Drop The Girl,” “The Callout,” “Breathe In,” and more, AFTER THE JUMP!