MOVIE REVIEW: Contraband

Film: Contraband Starring: Mark Wahlberg Directed by: Baltasar Kormákur January is typically a time for studios to dump movies they either have little faith in or simply do not know how to sell. Not gritty enough to win over young crowds, but not quite clean enough to challenge the likes of Mission Impossible, Contraband is […]

Reasonable Remakes: 2012 Remakes Reboots and Re-imaginings

Under The Gun is continuing our efforts to bring you more original and engaging content with REASONABLE REMAKES. Written by film-nerd Justin Proper, this column aims to highlight Hollywood’s forgotten gems and spark debate. You see, we’ve grown tired of Hollywood rehashing ideas we’re old enough to remember. Why remake something the majority of the planet still […]

Possibly More Jail Time For Lil Wayne?

For unauthorized contraband