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MC LARS releases new EP + Video!

One of our favorite artists on UTG, MC LARS sent us a little email about a brand new EP he just release: This summer my friend K.Flay and I went to Lake Tahoe and wrote and recorded an EP together. It’s called “Single and Famous” and you can download it here: Thank you for […]

MC Lars – This Gigantic Robot Kills

Band: MC Lars Album: This Gigantic Robot Kills Genre: Nerdcore Hip Hop Label:Crappy Tracks: 1. Where Ya Been Lars? 2. True Player For Real 3. Hipster Girl 4. It’s Not Easy [Being Green] 5. This Gigantic Robot Kills 6. No Logo 7. 35 Laurel Drive 8. Twenty-Three 9. Guitar Hero Hero 10. O.G. Original Gamer […]