David Comes To Life

MUSIC VIDEO: Fucked Up – Turn The Season

Fucked Up have released a brand new music video for their song “Turn The Season,” that comes off of their latest effort David Comes To Life. This video is full of random events and is completely spontaneous, just like Fucked Up’s style. Embrace the strangeness and check out the video right here on UTG. You […]

MUSIC VIDEO: Fucked Up – The Other Shoe

Check out Fucked Up‘s latest music video for “The Other Shoe” right here on Under The Gun Review. This song comes off of the group’s current release David Comes to Life. There is nothing not to like about this song/videos so take it for a spin. Fucked Up does it again.

REVIEW: Fucked Up – David Comes to Life

A mixture of experimental guitar riffs, transient female backing vocals, and a concept makes David Comes to Life a flavorful blend of everything that is good in music. I recommend David Comes to Life to anybody who likes punk, alternative rock, or something new and different to listen to.

Fucked Up album blog

Fucked Up have posted a blog talking about their upcoming album David Comes To Life that drops on June 7th. Their new single, “The Other Shoe,” is available for free download on the blog as well.