Underoath Unveil World Tour

Underoath have announced their routing for a world tour, starting in February, and some of the revealed dates can be viewed right here! The tour starts with Australia’s Soundwave Festival and then travels over to Asia, South America, and the US as well. Click through the jump to view the entire listing of dates and […]

MUSIC VIDEO: Underoath – Driftwood

Interesting choice of song to make into a music video, in my opinion, by the guys in Underoath. They chose to make “Driftwood” into more of a musical interlude and took the same approach visually with the filming. Underoath applied the studio feel, along with the ending portion being more of a soundcheck atmosphere, to […]

Underoath and director deny affiliation with Illuminati

When Underoath dropped their new music video for “Paper Lung,” earlier in the week, many fans interpreted symbols in the video to be ones reflecting the Illuminati. The band quickly squashed these rumors and now their director, Jonathan Desbiens, has a few words to say regarding the false allegations. “Paper Lung” comes from Underoath’s latest […]

Interview with Grant from Underoath

Read an interview with bassist Grant Brandell from Underoath discussing the band’s new release Disambiguation, the impact of Aaron Gillespie departing as well as their upcoming tour right here.

Stream Underoath’s new album

Underoath’s new album Disambiguation is now streaming on Myspace right now! The [UTG] staff is ready to see these guys perform with A Day To Remember and Close Your Eyes next week so expect a concert review in the works.

New Underoath interview

CMZINE recently spoke with Underoath. You can read their interview, here.

Stream “Disambiguation” clips

Fans eager to hear the latest album from Underoath, Disambiguation, can stream clips of ever song on the record, here.

Underoath pre-order

Underoath have launched the pre-order for their upcoming album, Disambiguation. Pick up a copy for yourself, along with a t-shirt and other goodies, here.

Underoath releases new track

Click past to hear a new track released by Underoath from their upcoming record, Ø (Disambiguation). More information after the jump!

Underoath New Album Track Listing

You can view the track listing for Disambiguation after the jump.

New Underoath Album Drop Date

“Disambiguation” will be released October 26th.