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that one eyed kid siphon track prmeiere

UTG PREMIERE: ThatOneEyedKid – “Siphon”

Fill your daily need for sugar-sweet electronic pop with the brand new song from ThatOneEyedKid, “Siphon.” The track’s a tantalizing and overtly positive number, making it hard not to bring a smile to your face. The song comes straight off of TOEK’s new record, Always, which is due out Sept 18. Wondering where the name […]

thewhen 2015 record release layer zero

UTG PREMIERE: theWhen – ‘Layer Zero’

Streaming exclusively now below is the brand new EP from theWhen, titled Layer Zero. The record contains a huge sound, mixing modern electronic, rock and pop elements to deliver memorable track after memorable track. Tracks like “Better Than Now” and “Learning To Try” stand out through a mixture of electronic grit and sheer melodic infectiousness. […]

Salt Cathedral Stream “Holy Soul”

Salt Cathedral are a two piece indie pop outfit based out of Brooklyn, New York. They consist of frontwoman Juliana Ronderos and bandmate Nicolas Losada. The duo are releasing a brand new EP, titled OOM VELT, on September 25. Yesterday they released a catchy new single from the EP, titled “Holy Soul.” You can stream […]

New Millionaires on the way

Everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed princesses are [almost] back!

Lights – Lights EP

Band: Lights Album: Lights Genre: Electronic Pop Label: Doghouse Tracks: 1. Ice 2. Drive My Soul 3. February Air 4. White 5. I Owe You One 6. The Last Thing on Your Mind We all have those bands we find online and think deserve a lot more exposure because they are phenomenal. For me, one […]

Breathe Carolina – It’s Classy, Not Classic

Band: Breathe Carolina Album: It’s Classy, Not Classic Genre: Electronica/Pop Label: Rise Tracks: 1. The Introduction 2. No Vacancy 3. Show Me Yours 4. The Birds And The Bees 5. Classified 6. Gossip 7. That’s Classy 8. Diamonds 9. You Wish [interlude] 10. Lovely 11. Put Some Clothes On Myspace sensations to label Freshman? That’s […]

Costanza – Sonic Diary

Band: Costanza Album: Sonic Diary Genre: Electronica/pop Label: Zerokilled Music Tracks: 1. Just Another Alien 2. I’ve Been Waiting For You 3. I Am Ready 4. Babilon Dream 5. God’s Gonna Cut You Down 6. 50 Bullets Fired in Queens 7. Burqa 8. In The Sun 9. Where Have You Been 10. I Tuoi Occhi […]