All Get Out Teasing New Music

All Get Out have certainly taken their time in releasing a follow-up to their critically acclaimed debut record The Season, but that looks like it will all be changing in 2015. The band has released a fifteen-second clip of a new song via their social media, possibly indicating that their new record is nearing completion. […]

Explosions In The Sky Working On New Material In 2015

As they enter their sixteenth year as a band, Explosions in the Sky have taken to Facebook to fill fans in on the status of their band. In a statement posted Friday night, the band has apologized for months of “hibernation” after a few years of writing soundtracks and contributing to other projects. The band promises that […]

Deep Elm Records Promises 10,000 Free Album Downloads If They Reach 20,000 Likes By December 31

An offer like this is too good not to promote. Plus, the people behind it are some of the hardest working in music. Bonus! Deep Elm Records has become a staple of the alternative music scene since its birth in 1995, but for one reason or another they’ve only garnered a little less than 11,500 […]

STREAM: Cartel – First Things First

Cartel is back, and boy have we missed them. The band has posted the track, “First Things First” from their new album, Collider via Facebook. There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the new album due out on March 26, and for good reason. Although the band has flown under the radar for the past […]

murder by death

Murder By Death Had “Everything Of Value” Taken From Their Van On Monday

Bummer news out of Murder By Death’s camp this week. According to a statement posted on their Facebook, the band was subject to a host of curious maladies during a stay in St. Louis. First, the band was robbed of some gear and personal items. Well we treated ourself to a rare nice hotel in […]

my bloody valentine m b v

ALBUM STREAM: My Bloody Valentine – ‘m b v’

Yeah, in case you hadn’t heard, seminal shoegaze act My Bloody Valentine returned with their first album since 1991’s Loveless last night. There was little warning or fanfare. A couple Facebook posts outlining the release, an updated website, and that was about it. But My Bloody Valentine took an usually forward thinking step for an […]

Finch Releasing Live Show On Their Facebook Page

On September 17, Finch created their official Facebook page on their thirteenth anniversary. A few nights ago, they began to release one video a night on their official page of an entire performance at the Astoria in London from 2003. They’ve also begun to release photos from their archives every Monday night. Finch fans may […]

I See Stars Release Statement About Arrests

As we previously reported, members of I See Stars were recently arrested for possession of hallucinogenic drugs. Since then, the band has taken to their Facebook and released a statement about their arrest, which you can read below. I See Stars’ latest release, Digital Renegade, is available now.

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Pop rockers The Higher have announced plans to disband following one final performance later this year. The Higher announced their plans to breakup earlier today via official Facebook. In an open letter to fans, the band wrote: What measures success in music? Today it’s extremely hard to tell, and I don’t see it getting any […]

My Heart To Fear – Encased In Glass

All of the way from Pennsylvania comes the 5-piece group, My Heart To Fear. They’re currently unsigned, but have been working on some great tunes to bring us all. Recently they released a new track titled “Encased In Glass”, which you can stream on their Facebook page. If you like this you should check out […]