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MOVIE REVIEW: ‘Inside Llewyn Davis’

Film: Inside Llewyn Davis Directed by: Ethan and Joel Coen Written by: Joel and Ethan Coen Starring: Oscar Isaac, John Goodman, Carey Mulligan “I don’t see a lot of money here,” a nightclub owner played by F. Murray Abraham tells Llewyn Davis after the folk singer bares his soul during a private performance in which […]

Official Trailer For Coen Brothers’ Folk Music Movie

The Coen Brothers have been hard at work on a new folk music movie, titled Inside Llewyn Davis. The film is loosely based off Dave Van Ronk’s published memoir The Mayor of MacDougal Street, and has actors such as Justin Timberlake and Carey Mulligan starring in it. The film was already a huge hit at […]

Bon Iver

Contrary To Blogular Belief, Bon Iver Is Not Going On Hiatus

Rumors began to spread earlier today that folk favorite Bon Iver would be stopping, or at least going on Hiatus, and we’re here to let you know that is simply not the case. For those unfamiliar with the story, fans and bloggers began their outcry when a new interview with Iver mastermind Justin Vernon on […]

Iron & Wine – Around The Well

Artist: Iron & Wine Album: Around The Well Genre: Folk Label: Sub Pop Oh the often made, rarely useful rarities record. In the age of the internet it has become more and more unnecessary for bands to physically release these so called b-sides because if a single person has them and uploads them, we all […]