Bee’s Knees provide a funky remix of Morgan Page’s “Safe Til Tomorrow”

Morgan Page‘s euphoric house collaboration with Angelika Vee recently received a remix courtesy of Pegboard Nerds, but earlier today, production duo Bee’s Knees stepped up and delivered their take on “Safe Til Tomorrow.” Adding funky vibes aplenty, the retooled work takes on a whole new life while keeping Vee’s captivating vocals just as relevant in the mix. […]

Peter Bjorn and John release Live Album

On Tuesday March 29th the funky hipsters Peter Bjorn and John released their latest album Gimme Some. While this is the 6th album from the guys, they feel their chances of debuting any higher than the release of Britney Spears and Wiz Khalifa albums are “probably not so good.” You can find out for yourself, […]