MUSIC VIDEO: Matt And Kim – “Let’s Go”

Matt And Kim are as known for their creative music videos as they are for their unique twist on indie pop. We’ve seen them perform during a crazy food fight, strip in the streets of NYC, and today we get to see them pose for dozens of ridiculous pictures in the video for their latest […]

Don Cheadle Is “Captain Planet”

SUperhero movies are everywhere, so it only figured execs would eventually wake up and realize they haven’t drug the name of Captain Plan through the theatrical slaughterhouse yet. However, that day isn’t today. FunnyOrDie asked themselves what would happen in a Captain Planet movie, even recruited Don Cheadle for the part, but as you’ll see […]

Mother Nature Is Trying To Kill Us

Let’s face it, mother nature has been kicking our ass recently. Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, when will it stop? The writing duo of Thomas Lennon and Ben Garrett have recruited a slew of Hollywood’s finest to try and band the planet together against mother nature. If she wants war, maybe we should give it to her. […]

The Bled’s James Munoz Launches Online Comedy Career

Soon-to-be Former Bled vocalist James Munoz is already taking steps toward a new career, online comedy. Okay, maybe it isn’t exactly a step in toward a new career as much as a new hobby, but regardless, it is definitely something you will want to see. Munoz recently began appearing in a series of digital shorts […]