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Pharrell Teams With Edgar Wright For “Gust Of Wind” Video

This isn’t the Edgar Wright movie you were looking for, but it’s all you’re apt to get for a while. Pharrell enlisted the renowned Shaun of the Dead, Scott Pilgrim, and NOT Ant-Man director for his latest music video. It won’t blow you away with clever quick cutting or mind-blowing imagination, but it’s certainly a gorgeous video with some […]

Watch Pharrell’s “Come Get It Bae” Video Starring Miley Cyrus

America is still undergoing the heavy airplay of Pharrell‘s “Happy” (and the video of it bringing him to tears), but in the meantime, the music icon is pushing his new G I R L cut “Come Get It Bae.” In his music video for the single, Pharrell Williams brings a slew of models on camera to show […]

ALBUM STREAM: Pharrell – ‘G I R L’

Despite having gone nearly a decade without a full-length release, Pharrell has remained a towering figure throughout the music community. Time and time again, he has reaffirmed his unrivaled versatility as both a performer, producer, and designer, and if the past year is any indication of how the next year will play out, the future’s […]

Pharrell Announces New Solo Album ‘G I R L’

Riding the wave of an extremely successful 2013, Pharrell has announced plans to release a new solo album, his first in eight years, in 2014. Titled G I R L and due out for release on March 3, Pharrell claims that the album is “rap-free” and is more like his 2013 single “Happy” than his previous […]