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MOVIE REVIEW: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Film: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Starring: Tom Cruise Directed by: Brad Bird Some say the third time is a charm, but Director Brad Bird has made a hell of a case for it actually being the fourth attempt that gets it right. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” or as most will refer to it, “Mission Impossible […]

Dammit, “Top Gun 2” Is Happening

Tom Cruise is amidst a blitz of press for his latest Mission Impossible flick and recently spilt the beans about another sequel that is sure to equally overjoy and piss off the internet. In a recent interview with MTVNews, Cruise shed a bit of light on the rumors that have been swirling about the possibility […]

MOVIE TRAILER: Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Tom Cruise is off the couch and back into the action this December with Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. Yahoo just unveiled the trailer and we snagged it to save you time. Click below and enjoy: THE PLOT: The IMF is shut down when it’s implicated in a global terrorist bombing plot. Ghost Protocol is […]