EXCLUSIVE: A Track-By-Track Guide To Cinema Sleep’s “Make Your Way” EP

Last week UTG delivered a stream of Cinema Sleep‘s incredible debut EP. If you have yet to hear the record, click here and experience what you have been missing. Now that we’re all on the same page, I wanted to remind everyone that the Make Your Way officially went on sale this week. To help […]

Twitter Releases Guide for Bands and Artists

Twitter today released a how-to guide today that explains to bands and artists the best ways to utilize their technology. Their guide explains different methods of how to engage with current fans and how to gain new ones through a variety of different means. For up and coming musicians, this is a great article to invest […]

UTG Music TV Guide [Week 2]

In an effort to keep our readers fat and lazy, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to give you the lineup of musical performances on all of the late night talk shows. This is our second run, so feedback would be greatly appreciated. We can always broaden our lists to include the daytime shows as well […]

The Republic Of Wolves track by track

A track by track guide to The Republic of Wolves’ latest release, The Cartographer, can be found on Alter The Press.