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WATCH: An Entire Suicidal Tendencies Concert

Hardcore punk band Suicidal Tendencies have lasted a long while and done a lot of things – I personally first got into them through their funkier side project, the Infectious Grooves. Now the band has released an entire high quality video performance of their show on August 10 at the This Is Hardcore Festival. Last […]

WATCH: The Descendents Full Performance At Fun Fun Fun Fest 2010

With the Fun Fun Fun Fest happening this upcoming week, The Descendents performance from the 2010 fest has finally been released. The hardcore punk group are not currently touring, nor working on a new album; however, they are working on a documentary titled Filmage that should cover the band’s history. Ever since Frank Navetta died, […]

Refused Announce Last Gig Ever.

When punk band Refused first got back together, no one could have expected the reunion would last. Other than the fact that after their demise they made a documentary on the turmoil that made them break up with the appropriate name of Refused Are Fucking Dead, the band’s whole belief was strongly anti-capitalism – so […]

STREAM: Strife – “Witness a Rebirth”

California hardcore punk band Strife hasn’t had an album since 2001’s Angermeans. Their next album, Witness a Rebirth, will be out November 6 from 6131 Records, and based on this stream, it shouldn’t disappoint fans of heavy hitting punk. The band is also going to tour the eastern US soon, but only has two dates […]