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[New Column] THE OUTRO: The Bled

The Outro is a new column here on Under the Gun Review to honor our favorite bands from the past decade that made their mark in their respective genres but have since come to the unanimous decision to move on from their confluence and pursue alternative enterprises. We are gathered here today to mourn the […]

UTG TV: The Bled [Interview #2!]

While at Bledfest 2010, Under The Gun Review was lucky enough to catch up with James Munoz of The Bled to discuss what’s been happening with the band since the release of Heat Fetish and to see where they’re headed next.

Review: The Bled – Heat Fetish

“The Bled have rewritten the book on post-hardcore with Heat Fetish. Somehow, by losing 60% of the initial group, The Bled have found their way back to the scene defining sound of their earlier work, but more refined and technical than ever. “