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New Ninja Turtles Film Features Rap-EDM Theme; Should’ve Used HORSE The Band Instead

How far we’ve come. It’s 2014 and the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film appears to be a far cry from the cartoon which ran between 1987 and 1996. Being a product of 1991, my pillow cases and toy-boxes have always been littered with the color-coded reptilians, so any TMNT news seems to be good […]


HORSE the band have made their impact in the metal scene for over a decade with their original “Nintendocore” sound, raucous live shows, and eccentric cast of characters. They are one of the most “do-it-yourself” bands out there which became very clear after arranging (with help from fans) and funding their own “Earth Tour” in […]

REVIEW: Trivium – In Waves

“There are no doubts about it, In Waves is a grower. Immediate ear-catching moments mixed seamlessly in with technical and groovy guitar work, and the most interesting of moments hidden amongst them.”

Download HORSE the band’s 10 hour “EARTH TOUR” film for free

The video trailer of HORSE the band‘s “EARTH TOUR” film, which runs over 10 hours in length, is posted below. Whether you love HTB, hate HTB, or have never even heard of them, at least check out the trailer. Even if you don’t have the 10+ hours to dedicate to watching the entire project, there […]

HORSE The Band’s Latest Release

Everyone’s favorite Nintendocore quintet is back with their latest album, Desperate Living. It’s set to drop October 6, but streaming of a new track, “Arrive” is available thru their Facebook page, here. They’re also offering HORSE the Band’s Special Tour Bundle; A free ticket with purchase of the new CD. Here are their full-force, International […]

Norma Jean, The Chariot, and more plot winter trek

This winter, Norma Jean, The Chariot, Horse The Band, and Arsonists Get All The Girls will be hitting the road. On some dates, yet to be announced, Norma Jean will be performing Bless The Martyr, Kiss the Child in its entirety [minus the 15min. track]. Dates can be seen below: hu/Nov-19 New Orleans, LA The […]