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Dr. Steve Brule Joining Tim And Eric For North American Tour

The Adult Swim tour of your dreams just became a reality. Tim and Eric have announced a new North American tour that is set to begin later this year. As with many surprise visits during past tours, the comedic duo will be joined by the one and only Dr. Steve Brule (AKA John C. Reilly), […]

Aubrey Plaza Takes To Zombie Life Poorly In ‘Life After Beth’ Trailer

Aubrey Plaza has been making a healthy living for years with a very specific brand of delightfully bristling, asocial personality in movies, on TV, and through her Twitter account (@evilhag). Her new film looks to have her transcending from her classic destructive banter (or anti-banter) to plain old destruction. Life After Beth stars Plaza as the titular Beth, a recently […]

WATCH: Theatrical “Wreck-It Ralph” Trailer Debuts, Looks Fantastic

We have been hyping Wreck-It Ralph since the concept originally appeared online, and today we’ve been given yet another reason to fall in love. The first theatrical trailer for Wreck-It Ralph premiered earlier today on Yahoo, and while it does not offer a wealth of new footage, we do see more than ever before. The […]