Kid A

Radiohead’s ‘OK Computer’ and ‘Kid A’ Converted To 8-Bit

Remember those Atari videos games you used to play with the whacky 8-bit soundtracks? A dedicated Youtube user has decided to use these unique sounds to replicate the entire albums of Radiohead and the end result is fantastic! Youtuber QuintonSung has used his brainpower and older technology to recreate the beauty of the band’s albums […]

STREAM: Radiohead – Everything (Tensnake Remix)

It’s not everyday you get a full-tilt Radiohead remix and today is the day we get the rare occasion of listening to an incredible one. Hamburg, Germany producer Tensnake took on the extremely difficult case of recreating the band’s song “Everything,” which comes off of their 2000 hit record Kid A. He managed to turn […]

Radiohead donate guitar to charity auction

Ed O’Brien of Radiohead has donated his Fender Telecaster, autographed by all members, to a charity auction hosted through eBay. The entire lump sum will go towards the Billie Butterfly Fund, a charity which raises funds for a 4-year old girl diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. The guitar also comes with a handwritten note from Ed O’Brien: “To whoever ends […]

Radiohead to perform on Saturday Night Live

Radiohead is slated to perform on the premier of the 37th season of Saturday Night Live on September 24, 2011, which Alec Baldwin will be hosting. This will be Radiohead’s second time performing as musical guests on SNL, the first being in 2000, where they played the hits “The National Anthem” and “Idioteque” from their […]