MUSIC VIDEO: Kreayshawn – “Go Hard (La La La)”

Oakland’s own Kreayshawn has released the comic book-style visuals for her new single “Go Hard (La La La)” and can be viewed right here on Under The Gun Review. This is the second single released from her upcoming debut album, Somethin’ About Kreay, and we still are utterly confused if this music is serious. Her […]

Kreayshawn Reveals New Album Details

California rapper Kreayshawn has reveled to her fan base through Twitter that she plans on dropping her brand new album, called #Somethinboutkreay, on August 14. This album will feature appearances by such industry artists including Kid Cudi, 2Chainz, Diplo and many more. Check out Kreayshawn’s official post on Twitter below and let UTG know if […]

MUSIC VIDEO: L$D (Kreayshawn, Grimes, Tragik and Blood Diamonds) – Don’t Smoke My Blunt

We just learned what it takes to ruin our week in just 3 short minutes, a new music video from L$D (Kreayshawn, Grimes, Tragik and Blood Diamonds). This collaboration of artists should have probably never come together. Apparently this song was made in 10 minutes and the video was shot in an hour. Really? Could […]

MUSIC VIDEO: Kreayshawn Ft 2 Chainz – Breakfast

Two days after attacking our ears with her subpar lead single, Kreayshawn continues to prove her lack of worth with the official video for “Breakfast.” There really is no need to retrace the lack of originality or excitement that weighs down “Breakfast,” but I will note that the overly bright visuals do nothing to make […]

STREAM/DOWNLOAD: Kreayshawn Ft 2 Chainz – Breakfast

The first song to surface from Kreayshawn’s somewhat anticipated debut album has arrived. Featuring recent G.O.O.D. music signee 2 Chainz, “Breakfast” is an audio onslaught on the ears. Even if you loved “Gucci Gucci,” something tells me you’ll find it hard to spin the song in its entirety. Just skip ahead to 1:17, enjoy 2 […]

Music Video: 2 Chainz ft. Kreayshawn – Murder

Rapper 2 Chainz has released a brand new music video for his song “Murder” featuring rap diva Kreayshawn. 2 Chainz has been steadily rising in the rap game over the last few years but since joining G.O.O.D Music he has made a major jump in popularity. Between jumping on tracks with some major superstars, such […]

60 Bamboozle Festival Bands Announced During Midnight Madness

Bamboozle Bands are announcing their participation on Twitter! Guess what? There is 60 of them. 60! (Suck it Warped). As of 1:30 EST, we have a list of 45 artists quasi-confirmed. We expect the list to change substantially, so stay tuned. We’re keeping track as they are announced, but we need your help! Add ones you […]

Neon Hitch posts Kreayshawn cover video “Gucci Gucci”

The lovely Neon Hitch has done the unthinkable and covered Kreayshawn’s hit single “Gucci Gucci.” Inspired by the artists’ work and style, from the looks of her Facebook page, she heads out to the street with handbags galore. I had my reservations about watching this video but I’ve got to say it’s a ton better […]

Kreayshawn performs “Rich Whores” live

Kreayshawn performed, last night, at The Roxy in West Hollywood to a packed crowd. You can see this high definition footage of “Rich Whores” by simply clicking through the ‘Read More’ link. What are you views on Kreayshawn and her “style”?

Kreayshawn performs “Gucci Gucci” in New York City

Kreayshawn recently performed at the Highline Ballroom in New York City. Among the songs she chose to perform was “Gucci Gucci,” and it seemed to, not surprisingly, be a hit with the crowd. Click through to see Kreayshawn’s performance of “Gucci Gucci!”

STREAM: Trey Songz – Gucci Gucci (Trigga Mix)

There is no denying the impact Kreayshawn has had ont he music scene since her debut video “Gucci Gucci” racked up over 2 million plays in less than 2 weeks earlier this year. From Weezy to the front page of Huffington Post, everone has something to say about the San Francisco-area rapper, but few have […]

Drake cosigns Kreayshawn, we facepalm

These days, you can rise to notoriety in the music industry by not only being talented, but also understanding iMovie. Kreayshawn, the tiny, foul-mouthed female rapper behind the Youtube/viral sensation (whatever that means anymore) “Gucci Gucci” has just received another helping of celebrity support, this time from UTG favorite Drake. Drake called into DJ Green […]